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Keyed Alike or Keyed to Differ which option do I need?

Keyed to Differ simply means every lock has its own individual key (Different therefore Differ).

Keyed alike is slightly more complicated, what this means is that you can potentially have several locks working on the same key, i.e. Front Door, Back Door etc, it makes life easier as you do not have to carry around large bundles of keys.
However there are limitations, for instance you cannot Key Alike a Rim Cylinder, like you’d have on a Yale type lock on your front door to a standard type of Deadlock, this is because they both use a different style of key, only certain types of locks can be Keyed Alike. You can however key alike euro cylinders, rim cylinders and padlocks. Also please be aware that when keying alike locks you will only receive one set of keys. For example if you buy 2 euro cylinders you will only received 3 keys in total.

Keyed Alike Diagram

Some Basic Information to help you (Not intended as a definitive list)

All Euro Cylinders can be keyed alike to each other providing they have the same number of pins and also from the same brand, some have 5 pins the newer ones have 6, the 6 pin is better security against lock picking etc, the Euro Cylinder is most commonly found in UPVC doors, but also some wooden doors, generally where you have to lift the door handle to engage the lock mechanism before turning the key to lock it this is a Euro Cylinder.
Rim Cylinders are as the Euros above, providing they are a standard type of Rim Cylinder and have the same number of pins i.e. 5 or 6 then they can be Keyed Alike to each other.

Mortice Sash Locks and Dead Locks, again there are various types including 2, 3 and 5 Lever providing you have the same number of levers they can be Keyed Alike.

Rim Cylinders and Euro Cylinder can also be Keyed Alike to each other, the same principle applies, as long as they have the same number of pins it can be done, but a 5 pin Euro cannot be keyed alike to a 6 pin Rim Cylinder and vice versa.

A point to note here is that if you want a Dead Lock or Sash Lock to work with a Rim Cylinder, it can be overcome by using a Euro Sash or Dead Lock Case, these take a Euro through the lock case, that way a Euro Cylinder is used in conjunction with a Rim Cylinder and can be Keyed Alike.

In simple terms your Home & Garage or Offices can all work on one key providing you have the correct locks in the doors, for further advice as to what you would need to achieve this, please call us on 0800 0612 688 or email

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