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Home Insurance Requirements
What locks do I need for my home insurance?
  What locks do I need for my home insurance?
Final exit door (main entrance door)
  Wooden doors apart from a standard Night Latch (Yale Type) these should also be fitted with a 5 Lever mortice deadlock conforming to the latest British Standard BS 3621. If Aluminium/UPVC or Composite type door (generally where the main handle is lifted to engage several locking points prior to locking with the key) this is referred to as a Multi Point Locking System, again most insurance companies look for at least 3 locking points on this type of door and this can include the deadlock that is engaged once the key is turned.
Other single external doors (includes access door)
  Should be fitted with either:

A mortice deadlock of at least five levers conforming to the latest BS 3621 or rim deadlock conforming to BS 3621, also key-operated locks fitted at the top and bottom.

For glass-panelled doors, key-operated mortice rack bolts should be fitted.

For Aluminium/UPVC construction then fitted with a multi-point locking system which incorporates a lever or cylinder deadlock, capable of being secured by a key from both sides.
Patio doors/French Doors
  Generally made of either UPVC or wooden construction, UPVC should have the facility to anchor the slave door in the closed and then lock the other door to that with at least 3 locking points, this can include the deadlock.

Wooden types should ideally have a lock meeting the latest BS3621 standard as well as locking points on the top and bottom of both doors such as mortice rack bolts or something similar.
Double doors (french doors or windows)
  Ideally fitted with the current British Standard Locks (BS3621 2007) these should also be fitted with key-operated locks or key-operated mortice rack bolts at the top and bottom of both leaves.
Windows, fanlights and rooflights
  Windows can easily be forced and windows at the rear of a property or accessible via a flat roof offer the ideal entry point for the opportunist thief.

All ground floor windows should be fitted with key-operated window locks.

Any windows or fan/roof lights that can be accessed via a garage or extension roof should also have additional key operated locks fitted.
Stable type wooden doors
  Most insurance companies will insist on both the upper and lower part of the door being secured by at least one 5 Lever BS3621 Deadlock and also that the 2 doors are secured to each other in some way either with a reasonable size bolt or something of that nature.
Home Insurance Locks
  Home Insurance Locks

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